Animal Collective - Isn't It Now (Orange)


Artist: Animal Collective

Varenummer: WIGLP528X

(2023) Begrenset opplag på oransje vinyl. 2LP.'Distinguishing itself from Animal Collective’s ex

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ArtistAnimal Collective
TittelAnimal Collective - Isn't It Now (Orange)
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(2023) Begrenset opplag på oransje vinyl. 2LP.

'Distinguishing itself from Animal Collective’s expansive catalog, Isn’t It Now? is the first Animal Collective album since Centipede Hz (2012) that was recorded with all four members in the same room at the same time. To bring it all together, the band enlisted multi-Grammy winning producer Russell Elevado (D’Angelo, Al Green, Alicia Keys, The Dandy Warhols) to co-produce alongside the band.'